Strawberries: Chandler (one pint)


Kao’s Strawberry Farm (130 miles away in the Rogue Valley)

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One of the sweetest strawberries out there: “Chandler” strawberries fall in the category of “June-bearers”, which just means the berries get harvested all at once (usually in June, although they’ve been coming on in May these past few years!) and then they’re done until next year. And the only farm we know of who grows them is Kao’s Strawberry Farm in the Rogue Valley (Medford).

Because they’re so sweet, they’re also don’t keep at all (that much sugar has a way of breaking down the berries very quickly!), so you need to be ready to eat or process your berries immediately after you receive them. You might be able to get away with refrigerating them for 24 hours, but I wouldn’t push it past that (and I’m not sure I’d refrigerate them at all, as spending time in the fridge tends to dilute their flavor…)