Seafood: Albacore Tuna Filet (1 lb. ave. frozen) – 2023 Season


Fishermen Direct Seafood – Gold Beach, OR

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Coming to you through Fishermen Direct Seafood, these fish are caught individually hook and line off the Rogue Reef and in adjacent nearshore waters in Curry and Coos Counties. Traditional hook and line fishing methods reduce by-catch; this method also ensures that the fish are bled and chilled right away, resulting in a superior taste and freshness.

Bruce at Fishermen Direct explained to me that this can be considered “sashimi-grade” tuna: in other words, this fish was caught locally, processed immediately upon landing, and frozen to the proper “bacteria-killing” temperature.

You can certainly cook it if you prefer (try this recipe: Marinated Tuna Steak); you can also create sushi or sashimi with it (Sashimi Tuna Salad with Wasabi Avocado, but using locally water-grown, authentic Wasabi instead of the paste).

Note: “sashimi-grade” is not an FDA grading term – like “USDA prime” – but rather a marketing term used by fish markets to let the customer know that it’s been processed correctly and is safe to eat raw. For all the details about eating raw fish, please read this article: A Guide to Eating Raw Fish at Home.