Pork Belly – Heritage (each)


Northwest Farm (Bandon)

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Pork Belly is produced by the Delaneys of  Northwest Farm (Bandon), from a “forest foraging” heritage breed known as “Meishan” (Chinese, traslated as “Virtuous Beauty“). This is what homemade bacon is made from, but you rarely see Pork Belly in the store, making it a real treat when you come across it!

Pork Belly is the boneless cut that remains after the loin and spareribs are removed; it comes from a hog’s belly or underside, hence the name. Fresh pork belly is succulent and richly flavorful and is often served in small portions. Pork belly is at its best and is most tender when prepared using a slow cooking method, such as braising. Other common methods include roasting, smoking, and searing. For more on how to use Pork Belly, check out www.pork.org.

The Meishan pigs who live at Northwest Farm are free range and fed a standard hog ration, supplemented by over-ripe, local fruits and vegetables. These pigs are not confined, nor do the Delaneys practice “crate farrowing”, but rather allow the sows and piglets plenty of room to roam. The pigs received their normal vaccinations, antibiotics only when needed to keep the animals healthy, and no hormones…ever.

Meishans are a medium size heritage pig growing to 250 to 400 lbs at maturity. They are considered a “lard carcass” hog, producing a higher fat to meat ratio than domestic commercial carcass hogs. Meishan sows are renowned as excellent mothers, and typically have higher weaning to farrowing ratios than other breeds of pigs.

This breed of pig is also extremely docile and even sedentary. Meishan pigs that receive adequate nutrition rarely root and have a significantly lower environmental impact than other breeds of commercial and heritage hogs.

Meishan meat is an incomparable combination of tenderness, succulence and flavor. The meat is intensely micro marbled and has an extremely fine grain. Meishan lard and fats are are also significantly lighter, and render at lower temperatures than other breeds. This combination results in extremely tender meat.

Want to know more? Visit this site for the story behind this very rare, very old breed: Why Meishan Pigs?

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