Chicken: Breast, Skinless-Boneless

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Steven Busch Ranch (Roseburg)

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The Busch Ranch (Roseburg) partners with the Kerry Olson Farm (Sutherlin) to produce free-range, pastured chickens. The chickens are processed in Sutherlin at Umpqua Valley Processors; each package contains one frozen skinless, boneless breast piece, with weights averaging between 3/4-lb. and 1-lb. each.

The chickens are raised on pasture in open-air pens that are moved daily. No antibiotics are used, nor does the Busch Ranch feed back feathers and waste; all the feed is non-GMO and non-soy. In addition, the fields upon which the chickens are raised are chemical-free.

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1 review for Chicken: Breast, Skinless-Boneless

  1. Joseph Tremonti

    This chicken is the best I’ve had on the coast. Pastured chickens are more humane, healthier, and taste better.

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