Beef: Top Sirloin Steak, Organic Grass-fed

Oat Hill Organic Beef (Smith River, CA)

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These are thick-cut (nearly 2 inches), organic, grass-fed, Top Sirloin Steaks that often average two lbs. and over. Produced by the Palmer-Westbrook family under their Oat Hill Organic Beef brand.

The Top Sirloin is a great middle of the road choice. It’s a very tender cut of beef that’s still reasonably priced for those who want a great steak without the “prime” price tag. And the thick cut style of Oat Hill Top Sirloins allows one to produce a finished steak on the rare to medium-rare side easily.

Of course, like all grass-fed beef, there is a right way and a wrong way to cook it! This article should help if you’re new to the grass-fed world (or even if you just need a refresher course!): Best Way to Cook Grass-Fed Beef.

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