Beef: Rump Roast, Organic Grass-fed


Oat Hill Organic Beef (Smith River, CA)

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Another economical beef roast for that special family dinner! Organic Grass-Fed Rump Roasts come to you from the Palmer-Westbrook family under their Oat Hill Organic Beef brand.

The Rump Roast is a cut of beef from the top of the back end of a cow, as far back as you can go before reaching the tail. (The entire rump and top of the back leg is called the round, but only the top is called the rump.) Rump Roast comes from a muscle group that gets a lot of exercise; therefore, it has little fat and is extra lean. Of course, that means it will be tough unless you cook it correctly: check out this link for tips on proper cooking techniques for Rump Roast.

Here are a couple of recipes to try: Tender Rump Roast Recipe; Awesome Roast Beef Recipe.

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