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Alexandre Kids Eggs – Crescent City, CA

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Alexandre Kids Eggs have been providing certified organic AND biodynamic, pastured-raised eggs for over a decade from the family dairy farm off Lower Lake Road in Crescent City, CA.

Why are the Eggs unique sizes and colors?

The shades of brown in Alexandre eggs is directly related to the uncontrolled environment that the hens have outdoors. The variation in colors, light shelled eggs mean that chicken was exposed to more Vitamin D outdoors; darker shelled eggs means that chicken wasn’t out grazing as much. There is also a correlation with the age of the bird and the darkness of the shell. The variation in sizes means that Alexandre’s doesn’t “limit feed” their hens.

The strength of the shell comes from the oyster shell that they feed to the chickens as an added calcium source. The dark yolk color comes from the Green Grass and all that nutritional goodness in it. The firm white membrane means that these eggs are fresh, right from the farm!

  • Hens are Rhode Island & New Hampshire Reds
  • Raised outdoors on 18 “mobile coops” – moved around the dairy pasture twice a week
  • Graze 300 acres of organic grasses under the watchful eyes of the Alexandre Dairy cattle
  • Forage on 40+ types of plants, insects, organic grains & minerals
  • Non-GMO Project Verified (
  • Certified Humane – NO beak trimming or feather picking