Cheese Spread: Cranberry Honey Fromage Blanc (8 oz. tub)


Face Rock Creamery – Bandon, OR

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Fromage Blanc is an extremely fresh, soft and spreadable cheese. While similar to cream cheese, Cranberry Honey Fromage Blanc from Face Rock Creamery (Bandon) is fresher, lower in fat, free of preservatives and not as processed as cream cheese tends to be.

Fromage blanc is an un-aged cheese (traditionally French) that has a tangy, yogurt-like aroma and thick, spreadable texture, ranging from sour cream to Greek yogurt to more fluffy and dry, like chèvre. (Face Rock Creamery’s Fromage Blanc tends to the fluffier, dryer side.)

Cranberry Honey Fromage Blanc is smooth and sweetened with a hint of sweet honey and local cranberries. Perfect paired with your breakfast bagel, over pears or apples, baked into a cheese cake or spread on a sweet wafer for a snack.

How It’s Made: A minuscule amount of  enzymes are added to milk to make it coagulate at an extremely slow rate. This also controls how small the milk-solid particles become. The enzymes are allowed to work in the vats for a full 24 hours before  draining out the whey and transferring the milk-solids to hanging bags of cheesecloth. The fromage then drains for at least another 24 hours to achieve the desired consistency. Flavors are added with great care by hand and in small batches to ensure artisan quality.