Butter-Salted (1 lb. pkg.)


Rumiano Cheese Company (Crescent City, CA)

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This butter is from grass-fed cows with year-round access to pasture. European-style butter refers to the content of fat and moisture in this butter; no culture is added. Rumiano Salted Butter is light yellow in color with a smooth, soft texture and a sweet, fresh, pleasing, slightly salty flavor. Non-GMO Project Verified™, Kosher, American Humane Certified™, rBST and rBGH Free.

“We really do have the happiest cows,” said Jody Rumiano. “Many of the dairies we buy our milk from are third and fourth generation dairies that we’ve been working with for decades. Without quality milk, you don’t get quality cheese and butter.”

Produced primarily by Jerseys, the rich milk of the grass-fed cows makes Rumiano butter extra delicious. Research also shows that milk from pasture-raised cows contains more CLA fatty acids than milk from cows fed mostly feed, plus grass-fed farming is better for the environment. All the milk used by Rumiano is antibiotic- and rBST (bovine growth hormone)-free.


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