Sauce: Big Daddy Mac’s Sweet-Smoky-Spicy Everything Sauce (16 oz. bottle)


Big Daddy Mac’s  (Port Orford)

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“A sauce so good….a sauce so versatile you can marinate with it, baste with it, top with it, dip with it, grill with it, travel with it, read with it, talk with it, fly with it, bike with it, go for long walks on the beach with it…or whatever else makes you happy with it!” (from the Big Daddy Mac’s website)

Big Daddy Mac’s Everything Sauce is made by the MacFarlane family, right here on the Pacific coast in Port Orford, Oregon. There are no preservatives, artificial colors or flavors added, and it is gluten-free! The chipotle peppers and fresh jalapeno & habaneros are added to give a fair balance of flavor depth and spice, without killing your taste buds with overpowering heat. They use real honey instead of corn syrup or processed sugars, and the vegetables, spices and other ingredients bring it all together to create a unique sauce, different than anything you’ll find at the market . If you like a rich and savory, sweet-smoky sauce with just the right amount of spice, this is the sauce for you!

“Big Daddy Mac’s Sweet-Smoky-Spicy Everything Sauce” is not a salsa, not a barbeque sauce….it’s not a hot sauce and not really a relish or a dip. It’s as original as a sauce can be, yet as versatile as the complete combination of all of the above. Earthy, bold & hearty, sweet, smoky, and spicy just like it says. Try it – like it – love it! Read more about the MacFarlane’s and how they came up with their sauce here: us.


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