Juice: Grandpa Jack’s Cranberry Juice Concentrate (16 oz. bottle)


Bowman Bogs – Bandon

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Grandpa Jack’s Cranberry Juice Concentrate is made with the juice of over 7 pounds of Oregon-grown cranberries, and is produced at Bowman Bogs (Bandon) by farmer Dennis Bowman. Each bottle is unsweetened – with NO water added – and makes up to 8 gallons of juice!

The land has been farmed by the Bowman family for 4 generations, and Dennis has managed cranberry production at his and other local bogs for over 30 years. For the past 20 years or so, he has produced this unsweetened cranberry juice concentrate and offered it for sale at local farmers’ markets and at the bog. Dennis just recently made it available to retailers such as OtterBee’s Market!

OtterBee’s also carries Grandpa Jack’s Cranberry Syrup; a pre-sweetened product you can pour over ice cream or pancakes, or use as a marinade.