Coffee, Bulk: Morning Dew Blend Whole Bean (5-lb. pkg.)


Nectar of Life Coffee Company (Pistol River, OR)

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“Morning Dew” is a customer favorite, says Nectar of Life Coffee Company in Pistol River (just north of Brookings).

This blend is comprised of the finest shade grown, Arabica, Fair Trade, organic coffees Sumatra and Central America have to offer. The Sumatran coffee is Grade 1 and was grown on small 3-5 acre farms in the Gayo Mountain region. Grown in volcanic soils and minimally processed, this Sumatra is a full-bodied, earthy coffee. The Central American coffees are Strictly Hard Bean (SHB), meaning they were grown at high elevations, in this case over 4500 ft. They are shade grown coffees that ripen slowly yielding a dense bean structure, firm acidity, and intense floral aromas.

Morning Dew is a blend of dark and medium roasted coffees. Each varietal of this blend is roasted separately to it’s own unique flavor profile prior to blending. This coffee is extremely full-bodied. On the palate it has floral notes with hints of nuts and chocolate.

Nectar of Life Coffee Company is a USDA certified organic coffee roaster and a Fair Trade certified coffee roaster. They also support the Catholic Relief Services (CRS) Ethical Trade Program.

Morning Dew is available from OtterBee’s Market in whole bean form only, 5-lb. bulk package. For other options, feel free to visit the Nectar of Life Coffee Company website, here.



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