Coffee, Bulk: Lattelicious Whole Bean (5-lb. pkg.)


Nectar of Life Coffee Company (Pistol River, OR)

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Nectar of Life Coffee Company (in Pistol River – just north of Brookings) created this blend especially for the latte lover. This blend is comprised of Strictly Hard Bean (SHB) and Hard Bean (HB) gourmet Fair Trade, organic Arabica coffees from Central and South America. In addition to the American coffees, they add some more exotic coffees (think Indonesia.)

This coffee may be prepared as espresso, French Press, or drip coffee. It highly benefits from being mixed with milk. When mixed with milk this blend produces a rich, robust nectar with hints of smoky chocolate.

Nectar of Life Coffee Company is a USDA certified organic coffee roaster and a Fair Trade certified coffee roaster. They also support the Catholic Relief Services (CRS) Ethical Trade Program.

Lattelicious is available from OtterBee’s Market in whole bean form only, 5-lb. bulk package. For other options, feel free to visit the Nectar of Life Coffee Company website, here.



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