Bagel: Jalapeno/Cheddar


First Rise Baking Co. – Brookings, Oregon

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These bagels are “New York Style”, which Coreen, the owner/baker at First Rise Baking Co. says are also known as “boiled” bagels. They’re nice and chewy, freshly baked each day, and come in four different “toppings”:

  • plain (obviously no topping – just bagel)
  •  jalapeno/cheddar (and yes, it has a bite to it)
  • cinnamon raisin
  • the “everything” bagel (all kinds of seeds adorn this guy)

New York Style Bagels should be consumed within 3 days, so get enough here for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, and then pop on in to First Rise Baking Co. on Saturday for your next fix!


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