Dessert: Kladdkaka, aka Swedish Sticky Chocolate Cake (12 oz. bar)


North Garden Bakery (Crescent City)

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Kladdkaka (Swedish Sticky Chocolate Cake) from North Garden Bakery (Crescent City) is one of Sweden’s absolute favorite desserts! Kladdkaka, a cocoa cake, is similar to a brownie: moist in the center with a thin, crunchy layer that forms on top during baking. This rich and buttery cake is akin to North Garden’s favorite chewy brownie. Organic bar, 12 oz.

North Garden Bakery is a small-batch bakery, specializing in artisan quality, organic, naturally leavened breads. They source ingredients from local Del Norte and Humboldt County producers whenever possible, including Rumiano Cheese, Alexandre Family Farm, and Humboldt Grain Girls.

Ingredients: : Organic Oat flour, Salted Butter (pasteurized organic cream (organic milk), Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Potato Starch, Organic Cocoa Powder, Alexandre Family’s Eggs, Vanilla sugar (sugar, potato starch, vanilla cream 3.8% (vanillin and caustic vanilla), Salt.

The origins of Kladdkaka: Famous Swedish pastry chef Mia Öhrn says that kladdkaka cake entered Swedish homes in the early 1970s. And while it is clearly a Swedish specialty, it started not in Sweden, but in Paris.

In one of her books, Bästa kladd kakorna (published in 2014), Mia Öhrn relates that the recipe came from Paris. She writes that a famous culinary writer named Margareta Wickman, who worked at the Veckojournalen (a Swedish weekly published from 1910 to 1980), is said to have published this recipe.


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